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Tis the season to be positive!

Since early November I have been seeing more Christmas Lights everyday.

As an avid fan of Christmas, I am one of those who brought Christmas in Early this year! My decorations went up in Mid November! (It also helps with seasonal stock photographs) The house feels Happy and Hopeful for better things from 2021.


I want to look back at three things I have observed over the lockdown periods and throughout the course of the pandemic

Family - Without the freedom to go out as much, families are building closer relationships with one another. There are exceptions of course, being isolated with somebody who causes either physical or mental harm is undoubtedly difficult! However, I have seen more positive family growths than negative.

Friends - As friends have been unable to meet, or limited with maximum group sizes, connections have been made online. This has shown who can be relied upon and trusted in difficult times, as a personal observation, when you have something others desire, they are closer. When that changes, they distance. Take driving for example, before you get your license and access to a car, you rely on public transport, friends and family to get you from A to B, when you have the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want, the distance between those you relied on increases. With the travel and meeting restrictions in place, the majority of people have been isolating inside, whether on furlough, self isolating or due to redundancies, those who take the time to reach out and check on you are the ones who you know you can count on.

Personal growth - When blessed with additional time people have 2 options - Waste it or Embrace it! I know of people who have done both. I've seen people learning instruments, taking up online learning, embarking on new adventures and working on their mental well-being. I've also seen people who have admittedly wasted the extra time, not always due to laziness, but due to the overwhelming increase in mental health issues we've seen during the course of the pandemic. As a sufferer myself, Mental Health can limit or stop activities for Minutes, Hours, Days or even Weeks. It has been wonderful to see the dramatic increase in online services for people struggling with mental health and I would advise anybody who is struggling, to reach out, even if you just want to chat. Please find some links below for services available nationwide.


Lets take some time to look forward to the positives that are yet to come.

Below is a list personal to me of the ways I will be on through the uncertainty of the future, some you might find useful for yourself, others will seem irrelevant, the best thing to do would be to make the list personal to you. Take some time out of the day to sit down, grab a drink and relax, the list should come naturally, you shouldn't have to overthink.

The way I am going to make my list is the 3, 2, 1 situation.

3 - 3 small things which I can implement into the coming weeks to keep me motivated and keep my mental health on top

3.1 - Get up 15 minutes earlier each morning so I don't feel rushed

3.2 - Let my body tell me what I need - If I need a power nap, let it happen!

3.3 - Be mindful of what I eat and be proactive about exercise - even just a small walk

2 - 2 ways I can keep track of the implements above

2.1 - Set timed reminders throughout the day

2.2 - Put aside some treats so there is a reward after completing tasks

1 - 1 person who I will focus on

1.1 - Myself, with every task I will look at what needs doing and the best way to achieve this based on my limitations and capabilities. (noting this will change daily based upon the state of my mental health.


To close this blog post. I want to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let's look forward to 2021, and hope that the year ahead is filled with Positivity!

Stay Safe, Stay positive!


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