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In this ever changing world

Here it is!

My second blog.

This will be an update on what's new in my crafty world and Christmas!

Firstly let's start with a positive point. Lockdown has given me more time to focus on developing my ideas and finessing my designs. I have been looking at new things I can make and new ways to reinvent what I have already, such as a new style of box frame.

Some new items you can expect to see from me include designs made from Cork and some miniature items. Perfect for stocking fillers and little gift ideas. Photos will be coming to the website shortly (once I have got round to taking photos of them)

Secondly, I have been feeling the pressures of lockdown, though not in the same way as many. I am still working full time in the office, the decline in the morale of the world has definitely had an impact on my levels of concentration and motivation! I have been extra busy at my day job, taking on more responsibilities to cover the skeleton staff and the extra work needed to meet the demands of our customers who are part of the team keeping the country going during the pandemic. Even though some evening and weekends have been designated PJ days on the sofa with movies and Hot chocolate, these have also been the days when my inspiration comes though the most for new ideas and designs.

The coming period until the end of the year is set to be a busy one for me, as with many others. I have some exciting news which I will reveal further down this blog post. I have Christmas Cards to make to give out at my day job and post to friends and family. I also have some commission pieces to make for gifts and decorations, which will keep me busy this weekend.

How are you preparing for Christmas? Have you decorated yet? I put most of mine up a couple of weeks ago now! November, I know, but I needed some inspiration and the world needed cheering up.

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Mine is 95% complete and wrapped! I have only got a handful of things left to buy, Black Friday deals are definitely a blessing when you have presents to get!

Have you got your Turkey and a plan for Christmas dinner yet? I will be spending a few days over Christmas with my family (Lockdown dependent). It will be different not being able to spend time with the extended family like I usually do, however it will be nice not to be alone, and to be able to see those closest to me.

Now for my exciting news as mentioned earlier. I have a Craft Stall at a local Craft Market on the 12th of December! There will be many other stalls with a wide range of gifts, decorations and Festive food and drinks! So if you're local, pop down and check it out! It's free to come and browse.

I will be posting another blog post in December which has more to do with Mental Health around this time of year and it will include personal struggles of mine, as well as links to support websites.

I hope everybody has a good advent period in the run up to Christmas!

Stay Safe and Keep looking forward to the better times ahead!


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