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Happy New Year?

So it's 2021, we've been in this year for a whole week now. Starting the year in lockdown 3.0 wasn't how I had hoped I would be spending it, but it is necessary if we don't want to be in the same boat next year.

Let's talk vaccines....

I've seen lots of controversy over the vaccines including whether they work or how reliable they are.

Personally, if there is even a 50% chance it will help, I'm happy to get it. If we can bring cases down, we can begin to return to normality, like some countries have already done.

Will you get the vaccine?

Lockdown 3.0? What lockdown?

Lockdown 3.0 has initiated lots of different reactions. Some un-phased, some unhappy and some uninspired.

For me, lockdown 3.0 hasn't caused many changes, my full time job is still fully operational, so I have some routine and normality in my day to day life. My evenings and weekends are taken up with Crafting and online courses to replace the evening activities I used to be able to participate in when people were allowed to be in close proximity of one another, martial arts is difficult to train when you can't practice defending yourself against another person, luckily you can still train body mechanics and technique using inanimate objects as opponents. There seems to be more people on my drive to and from work this time, in comparison to the previous lockdowns we have seen. Perhaps people are more confident in social distancing and feel as though they can venture out further, or perhaps they no longer care as much, as they have not directly been affected by the dreaded virus?

Now to the important information. Where am I in my crafting world?

From my craft stall experience last month, I have decided to try some new craft ideas, something a little more unique and something that the non-crafters will enjoy. My first new venture is to try Glass engraving! I'll be uploading artwork as and when I complete a new piece (considering it's any good), I am also planning to keep a track of my progression from complete novice to slightly better through to (hopefully) relatively proficient and talented.

I am hoping to try a plethora of new crafts throughout the year to find my calling and try to stick to 1 or 2 main crafts, rather than offering a bit of everything, but at a lower skill level. I will still be taking commissions, which can be mutually agreed and can be made from a wide range of material.

I will leave that here for this time and will check back in shortly with another update on y new glass engraving endeavour and any other exciting new crafts I have tried!

I hope you all have a Happy 2021 and enjoy the year as much as possible!

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