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Who is Nathan-Michael?

Hey, I'm Nathan! Here is a little bit about me, what I do, who I am and what my plans are for the future!

Firstly, I grew up surrounded by arts and crafts; watching my mum make beautiful handmade cards and watching my Nan knitting all sorts of wonderful things. It was always hands on when someone was having a baby!

When I was old enough, I was allowed to help my mum make cards, even if they were terrible at first! I was also taught to knit, but I wasn't very good at that either!

Further down the line I began looking at colours, shapes and angles while studying Photography in school, and grew a better understanding of what worked and what didn't. I started putting my photos onto cards for family at Christmas and loved the end results!

Jump to the present day and I enjoy a multitude of different crafts; Laser Engraving, Screen printing, Filled Box Frames, Mixed Media Art and many others. My main passion is creating Gifts and home décor from Box frames, which can be filled in so many various ways with so many various items to laser engraved pieces to decorate any space, or give as a gift. I don't think there is even one occasion or emotion that cannot be captured.

I have worked in many companies, in various roles up until now, which have all given me experiences and knowledge in so many areas. I've worked in Offices, Farms, Retail Outlets, Supermarkets. Each one providing me with new skills and new ways of thinking, so now I think it's time that I try and use those skills and knowledge, and put it with my passion, to create something wonderful.

The website is not only going to be used by myself to advertise my own creations, but I want your creations to be included too! There will be a page dedicated to the creations of others, where you can advertise your pieces and tell people a little bit about yourself.  Please read the terms and conditions regarding this and get in touch.

As well as keeping up to date on my latest creations, would you like to have a go yourself? I will be starting up some sessions where you can come and create your own work of art, whether that be a filled box frame with your favourite things or a mixed media canvas collage! - Check out my session times and locations on the 'Have a Go' page.

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